About HRK S.A.

HRK S.A. is a Polish company established in 2000 by Zbigniew Woźniakowski and Tomasz Sokołowski, who have headed the organization until today. 

Thanks to their experience in Human Resources, HRK has, since its early days, stood out among Polish competitors as an HR consulting company offering professional recruitment services, Assessment & Development Center, and cutting-edge solutions such as hrk.pl labor market information portal. 

The organization kept on growing and expanding its services. Today, HRK provides its clients with complex support in recruitment, executive search, HR and payroll, employee assessment and development, as well as employer branding.

HRK in numbers

What are our core values?

We respect our clients, candidates, employees and business partners. People are at the core of our business. We respect diversity in beliefs, cultures, religious convictions and ideals.

We take responsibility for the outcomes of our work, and are fully committed to the task., which we complete with utmost diligence.

We adhere to all professional standards. We conform to ethical rules and keep information fully confidential. We are loyal toward our clients, candidates, and associates.

We define guidelines, run original projects, and implement cutting-edge technologies and solutions which boost our performance.

We support each other while running projects and developing our associates’ skills. Together, we participate in growing our company. We take care of its market position and image as the company’s ultimate asset.